In 2018, The Sacred Elements was founded with the aim of enriching individuals using creative craftsmanship in an educational as well as a therapeutic sense.

We are the pioneers of Wood Therapy or using raw wood as a means to educate and help individuals unwind.

Besides this, The Sacred Elements also works with other partnering course providers to impart our ideas in delivering customized modules for different profiles.

Our classes incorporate creative wood craft coupled with practical skills for adults, elderly, youths, and children and we are constantly working on creating fun new projects that inspire individuals and connect them with nature.

The uniqueness of the sessions conducted by The Sacred Elements lies in our usage of sustainable raw wood and materials as well as the ability to incorporate these with learning outcomes using creativity and craftsmanship as a platform and tool.

The Sacred Elements Logo


To enrich the lives of individuals using natural elements as a means of self-discovery and therapy.


To inspire people to reconnect with nature in an experiential creative way.

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