Trusting the universe

It becomes apparent at some point that we choose to be guided or misguided.

When we follow a path that is entirely ego driven, we live, but at a small percentage of our true potential. The greatest challenge for many of us however is to trust our instincts.

Instinct has always existed in every one of us and is the way the universe communicates with us. The logical mind almost always intervenes whenever our instincts kick in. This is why, a logical person hardly takes risks or is unpredictable.

Logic can never have the boldness that someone following instinct has.

Hence to love, one has to first trust the universe. One has to be willing to take the greatest risk, to lose the ego. There isn’t anything called logical love. Logical love is a disaster waiting to happen. It can be at most an exchange, a tit for tat agreement.

When love becomes instinctual, when it becomes a daring risky process, then something beautiful happens. Now rituals won’t be needed, agreements won’t be needed. There would be no more planning.

Love becomes a dance, a celebration. Risky and instinctive.

Trust the universe.

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