Muru is the founder of The Sacred Elements. Having completed his degree in materials engineering he chose to work as an adventure trainer upon graduation. He believes in following his heart, discovering his love for the outdoors and being creative as a child.

Years of experimenting honed his skills and led him to realize that creative wood craft and relaxation are entwined.

Muru has a particular affinity for being creative with various media however wood is his favorite. His last few years have been spent experimenting and exploring using wood to make things and wood therapy arose from this experience. He also believes in teaching practical skills such as the use of simple tools and usage of knots and rope tying which are common in everyday life.

Having worked as an Outward Bound Instructor, Muru is an advocate of experiential education and integrative learning both as a means to unwind and also as a means of self discovery while his years of experience as an associate lecturer at a local polytechnic enable him to pinpoint unique “teachable moments” throughout the various courses.

His work experience covers over 8 years of working with adolescents and adults including a year working as a form teacher for students with special needs; curriculum development on life skills and learning outcome delivery using experiential means.

Moreover Muru embarked on several solo trips which shaped independence and taught him much on life. Besides volunteering at Addo Elephant National park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for a month, he also did a solo unplanned cycling trip through South Korea starting off in Seoul and finishing up in Yangsan while visiting various national parks. Other trips include a trek to Everest Base Camp, a hike around Mt Kailash in Tibet and teaching English to children in Cambodia.

Besides conducting creative wood craft sessions with a team of facilitators, Muru also functions as an instructor for external camp providers on a seasonal basis and currently works as a HOD and Academic Consultant at RVI Academy Mandalay, Myanmar.