Creative Wood Craft classes involve creating artwork using wood as a medium and are tailored for different age groups.

The Sacred Elements uses raw wood slices, stumps and boards in all our classes and for children allow the option of parents joining in to bond with your child at a special price.

Classes are simple effort wise, however, integrate awareness, focus and creative aspects. Concepts such as using sandpaper, basic drilling and knowledge on different types of trees are shared to educate people on nature and simple DIY skills.

With the mindset that every work we create has an element of us in it, the Creative Wood Craft classes were created to allow participants to embed their own creativity into the work they create using the wood medium.

Overall Class Outcomes

  • Appreciation of nature and organic wood
  • Creative and artistic relaxation
  • Expression of self via craft work
  • Simple and beautiful take-aways
  • Motivation and Inspiration
  • Bonding time for parents with their children