Divine Will

Divine will be a much brought up phrase but what exactly is ‘divine will”?

Divine will focus on the values of uplifting vibrations, truth, compassion, and love, however, DOES NOT apply as a direct force on humans.

This ironically is due to the love of divine will, giving us the freedom of choice. Unconditional love is such that it allows us to be as we want to, while welcoming us back as and when we are ready. We are however never free from the consequences of our actions, both good or bad, commonly known as karma.

Even Karma, however, isn’t meant to ‘punish’ but to act as a tool for learning and growth, otherwise, we would continue making painful actions without a feedback mechanism for change.

Divine will, therefore, is unconditionally loving, always accepting. There is no real ‘need’ to adhere to any such will as such. After all, if I were to only behave while adhering and change otherwise, it would be rather odd, much like the child running amok assuming its parents had gone to sleep.

So without this idea of the divine will, heaven and hell, who would you be? Without fear as a guiding force, what is your quality? If there has to be a guideline for u to act upon, what is your real character without those guidelines?

Perhaps its time to see divine will emerging from within, rather than a rule to measure and act upon or some external guidelines to measure up against on a hierarchy of holiness.

You ARE divine will based upon the universal values of compassion and love.

Go work your magic now.

Level Of Understanding

We have had many enlightened masters pass through earth and they have done their utmost best to raise our vibrations however we have only understood from our level of understanding.

What they shared were actions, experience and transmitted these. The original few who thereby lived with these masters were able to benefit and became enlightened beings themselves. As time went by, people started to revere the masters and less of their essence.

Now to know the direction of the moon, it was no longer necessary to see where the signpost pointed. It became enough to pray to the signpost and hope to know where the moon was. Many became lost and interpretations spouted all over. The teachings became diluted and the quality lost.

People forgot the original essence of the rose garden and instead became contented reading about it. The more they praised the roses, the better they felt when it was so far from the real thing.

True masters don’t bother about praise, being remembered or gathering numbers. They aren’t political figures. These man-made ideas haunt us to this day and age and prevent many from making the effort from searching properly for the true essence of life.

Don’t bother talking about the roses and expect to be enlightened. It never worked that way. Masters can guide only, they can’t make u self-realized. Every authentic master to date has had to walk this path alone.

As a teacher once said,” If you see me on the path, slay me’ Do not be distracted from the truth. Herein the clarity and selflessness of any self-realized teacher where ego doesn’t exist.

Search where the rose blooms and find its essence yourself. Forget the piles of essays on roses. No interpretation is the real thing. They only serve as distractions.

Experience the truth first hand.

Self Love

Love is the most misunderstood word and often times we categorize exchange to be love. This is why we expect things in return when loving someone or love groups that support us. This sort of ego-based connection isn’t loved at all but a way by which our ego ( and those of others in the same circumstances) gain comfort and belonging.

When I find someone who’s requirements matches mine, I ‘fall in love’ and try to create a connection. However, at some point, the relationship ends or breaks apart because people change and as they do, so do the requirements. Or we find two people living together on the basis of living a comfortable life, again ego-based than anything else.

This has been the way for the longest time now and this has to change if we are to progress on to experiencing love altogether, not ego-based but unconditional.

We need to progress on to being complete ourselves and realizing the concept of self-love.

No ‘other’ can fill up your emptiness and lack of self-love but yourself.


Understanding who you are is synonymous with understanding what you are NOT. When we arrive on earth, we are given so many identities to carry, so many that we do not question, but take upon ourselves and defend and cling to till we pass on.

Are these really our identities or passed on to us? If they are really are our identities, why is it that they don’t follow us when we die? Why are all deceased referred to as bodies rather than millionaire, begger, hindu etc? Isn’t it funny that we hold on so tightly to things that will HAVE to be dropped?

Identities never hold on to us, only we to them.

Past all these transitory things we carry, what are we then? Take that as your starting point into introspection. The ones who feed you identities will continue doing so as you feed their collective identities, however, is that our purpose? As humans? To be part of a collective identity that itself will perish?

Any identity you cling to stems from ignorance of your real nature.

So who are you?


The man has created and elaborate systems of hierarchy to separate himself from others. These systems exist in education, work and even spiritually.

For the longest time, I always questioned middlemen in my connection with divinity. Why did I have to go through someone when I was always directly connected?  I realize this concept of ‘distance’ separates many from realizing godliness even today.

Having a mindset of separation, people see divinity at a distance, hardly becoming aware that they are one and the same as the source within. I hope more distances are reduced and that people experience inner bliss without middlemen. That they begin to be aware of inter-connectedness.

There is no distance or separation.

You are as much ocean as much as the ocean supports you.

Secret Of Living Happily

The secret to living happily is to live in a state of flow and acceptance.

Our minds constantly categorize situations into good and bad, ugly and beautiful, wanted and unwanted and this state of duality is the cause of chaos.

Acceptance and surrender to life doesn’t mean we sit and watch life go by but rather that we embrace everything that is given and shown without judgement.

Only in embracing life in its totality do we ever get a glimpse of its full potential. Otherwise we merely touch the surface and avoid going deeper.