Divine Will

Divine will be a much brought up phrase but what exactly is ‘divine will”?

Divine will focus on the values of uplifting vibrations, truth, compassion, and love, however, DOES NOT apply as a direct force on humans.

This ironically is due to the love of divine will, giving us the freedom of choice. Unconditional love is such that it allows us to be as we want to, while welcoming us back as and when we are ready. We are however never free from the consequences of our actions, both good or bad, commonly known as karma.

Even Karma, however, isn’t meant to ‘punish’ but to act as a tool for learning and growth, otherwise, we would continue making painful actions without a feedback mechanism for change.

Divine will, therefore, is unconditionally loving, always accepting. There is no real ‘need’ to adhere to any such will as such. After all, if I were to only behave while adhering and change otherwise, it would be rather odd, much like the child running amok assuming its parents had gone to sleep.

So without this idea of the divine will, heaven and hell, who would you be? Without fear as a guiding force, what is your quality? If there has to be a guideline for u to act upon, what is your real character without those guidelines?

Perhaps its time to see divine will emerging from within, rather than a rule to measure and act upon or some external guidelines to measure up against on a hierarchy of holiness.

You ARE divine will based upon the universal values of compassion and love.

Go work your magic now.

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