Understanding who you are is synonymous with understanding what you are NOT. When we arrive on earth, we are given so many identities to carry, so many that we do not question, but take upon ourselves and defend and cling to till we pass on.

Are these really our identities or passed on to us? If they are really are our identities, why is it that they don’t follow us when we die? Why are all deceased referred to as bodies rather than millionaire, begger, hindu etc? Isn’t it funny that we hold on so tightly to things that will HAVE to be dropped?

Identities never hold on to us, only we to them.

Past all these transitory things we carry, what are we then? Take that as your starting point into introspection. The ones who feed you identities will continue doing so as you feed their collective identities, however, is that our purpose? As humans? To be part of a collective identity that itself will perish?

Any identity you cling to stems from ignorance of your real nature.

So who are you?

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