Self Love

Love is the most misunderstood word and often times we categorize exchange to be love. This is why we expect things in return when loving someone or love groups that support us. This sort of ego-based connection isn’t loved at all but a way by which our ego ( and those of others in the same circumstances) gain comfort and belonging.

When I find someone who’s requirements matches mine, I ‘fall in love’ and try to create a connection. However, at some point, the relationship ends or breaks apart because people change and as they do, so do the requirements. Or we find two people living together on the basis of living a comfortable life, again ego-based than anything else.

This has been the way for the longest time now and this has to change if we are to progress on to experiencing love altogether, not ego-based but unconditional.

We need to progress on to being complete ourselves and realizing the concept of self-love.

No ‘other’ can fill up your emptiness and lack of self-love but yourself.

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